The COURTEL, Court Corruption Cartel

THE “COURTEL”, THE COURT CORRUPTION CARTEL, this Black Robed Society was Conceived in Sin, Born of Corruption, Covered Up with Collusion, protected by Diabolical Guard Dogs of Hell itself- the COURTEL! A Litany of Law Lords, Demonically Dealing Decisions for Dominance, DOLLAR$!

These Kingpins of Corporate Crime, Fraud, Corruption, Collusion, Conspiracy, are continuing the Jim Crow administration of justice, with Transactional Justice that’s really Contracted Injustice, legal rulings to favor their Corruptocrats and Kleptocrat carpet bagging political handlers, slaves to lobbyist and their colleagues Transactional Justice for CA$H to insure Justice Fails and Refuses to Bring Justice! 

The dramatic long standing effects of the “COURTEL” is characterized by tyrannical Federal, State, and Local Governments; Corrupt Federal, State, and Local Government Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies; Rampant Fraud and Corruption; Class, Race and Caste Societal Wars; Dehumanization of the Minority and Poor Masses; Financial Collapse; Famine, Disease; Food Insecurity; Affordable Housing Drought; Sky Rocketing Unemployment; Social Unrest; Environmental Disaster; other characteristics representative of a Cataclysmic Decline in Society as the Rich Top 2% Just Get Richer at everyone else’s expense!!

This Judicial Cult of Immoral Dishonor, this “COURTEL”, with no accountability grievously disintegrates in “a monumentally moral descent into the very exclusive part of HELL for Criminal Justices who swear others to GOD but themselves are sworn to Judicial Purgatory as Satan’s Slaves!”

They want the WORLD to believe they are GOD’S vicegerents on earth and pledge allegiance to THEM- then GOD, to honor their dishonor, to gracefully ignore their disgrace, to hold them in reverence ABOVE GOD while they do the Devils work!!

Even in their own dysfunctional Dystopia it is religiously inconceivable, absurd to believe that a HUMAN BEING serving in the capacity of a Judge, can BE a Judge and have irreducible beliefs, to BELIEVE IN GOD- A HIGHER POWER, a religious concept/belief/practice in THE HEREAFTER- HEAVEN AND HELL, GOOD AND EVIL, RIGHT AND WRONG, REWARD AND PUNISHMENT, TRUTH AND JUSTICE! SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE, UNLESS THEY ARE ALREADY RESIGNED TO THEIR GOING TO HELL FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND RULINGS!! These scurrilous, nefarious, Devils Disciples, bathing in their Judicial Ejaculation from the graft of Political Porn of Judicial Ejaculation, Motion Masturbation, can’t believe in GOD and engineer, orchestrate, author, originate and enact such cruel corruption.

California Appeals and Superior Court Corruption

The COURTEL system protects and serves the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrats, these Kingpins of Korruption, the corrupt judges, prosecutors, public defenders, and police officers that hide behind their pledge/oath to their codes of the Black Robe Society and Cops “Blue Code” of Corruption and Silence, that hide behind gavels and badges! But in this Den of Degenerates, Judges are Politicians, appointed and/or elected officials that also received campaign contributions and endorsements wherein this make it difficult, impossible, for these Judges as politicians, elected/appointed officials to try and rule in any cases, to prosecute crime, thus to engage in any cases against their colleagues or manipulators.

The COURTEL’S Criminal Justices and their cohorts, these Corruptocrats and Kleptocrats,epidemiological spread of Grand Systemic and Endemic corruption that has Systemic Racism as a subset, controls the Police, District Attorneys/Prosecutors, Public Defenders and covers up for them! This Grand and Endemic Judicial/Legal Systemic Racism portrays perhaps the single most important reason why this “COURTEL” has been able to THRIVE, why the Federal, State, County and Local Governments Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies, the Judicial Councils, the Commissions on Judicial Performance, and the heads of the Judicial Disciplinary bodies responsible for taking corrective action in these matters, has been so derelict in doing so, is because they are ALL PARTNERS, inextricably placed in the legal paradox where every Government Judicial and Law Enforcement Agency, Judge, Court Administrator, attorney, law firm, litigant and their agents having been involved in committing these crimes, opens the way to legally setting aside every case they were ever involved with and potentially being reversed at an untold cost of money, integrity and irreparable loss of public confidence in the legal system!

Vice President Kamala “Kriminal Harass” Harris and the COURTEL is commodifying, merchandising, commercializing, politicizing and exploiting the current Black Lives Matter and Social Justice dissent movements, pandering to Corruptocrats and Kleptocrats engaged in transactional justice: “pay-to-play” for rulings, orders, and decisions, in connivance with judicial, political, law enforcement, governmental and legal entities, and their assorted group of “bag men”, lobbyist, agents, upper class donors, political handlers, strategist, influence peddlers, well-connected law firms, special interest groups, corporate controllers, judicial and legal systems corruption incubators such as the Inn of Courts and noted Law Firms Keker Van Nest, Myers Nave, Ropers Majeski, acting as Judge mills transactionally buying and selling judicial appointments and decisions, as political “King Makers” to maintain and regulate legislative power, control and authority over laws and enforcement thereof!; while she also faced scrutiny among progressives – pledging to avoid big-money donors and special interests in their fundraising; as minorities criticized her for not taking a tougher stance on racism in the legal system and police brutality: furthering policies that disproportionately harm Black and Latino defendants!

Vice President Kamala “Kriminal Harass” Harris, integral in the pervasive, Corruption perpetrated by the “COURTEL”, the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrats, as then Attorney General of California, substituted in as attorney of record in al-Hakim Family’s case of ADMITTED stolen Child Support by and against the Alameda County Department of Child Support Services “in the interest of justice”. 

Kamala Harris, whom substituted in as attorneys in the interest of justice, was acting or purporting to act in the performance of their official duties, FILED DOCUMENTS THAT THEY WERE REPRESENTING the al-Hakim Family members Harun al-Hakim-Miller, Bari al-Hakim-Williams, Joette al-Hakim-Hall, Patty Flenory; the VERY SAME PARTIES THEY ADMITTED TO HAVE STOLEN, MISAPPROPRIATED, AND DEFRAUDED THE CHILD SUPPORT PAID TO THEM IN TRUST FOR THE MINOR GIRLS AND THEN EXTORTED THE FATHER TO PAY IT AGAIN; wherein this conduct violated the girls’s civil rights, religious rights, right to fair competition and right to due process under the law and is an inherent threat to all our civil and human rights, right to due process, property, pursuit of happiness and freedom; yet Kamala Harris and the Attorney General’s Office was supposed to be investigating these same parties crimes as part of the U. S. Attorney General’s action al-Hakim filed in 2005! 



What justice is there in the Attorney General defending, concealing and being complicit in committing the ALREADY ADMITTED willful and intentional extrinsic fraud upon the court; prosecutorial misconduct; willful and malicious prosecution; misconduct; conflict of interest; obstruction of justice; denial of due process; willful and intentional fabrication and authoring false evidence; misstating and mischaracterizing evidence; misrepresentation and concealment of material facts with knowledge of the truth with the intent to induce the court’s act or reliance; harassment; and intimidation on behalf of District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, former DA John “Jack” Meehan, Tom Orloff,Tom Orloff, Rock Harmon, Maureen Lenahan and others in the DA’s office; various Judges and Commissioners abuse of discretion, willful misconduct, conduct prejudicial, illegal ex-parte communications and bias that resulted in error?!!

How can the District Attorney ADMIT in a letter to the Family apologizing for committing fraud, embezzlement, fabricating and authoring false evidence, and obstruction of justice of two minors girls child support and nefariously prosecute their Father for it?”. How can Kriminal Harass, ALL the State and Federal law enforcement agencies be on notice of this crime and prosecution, have received formal complaints of the crime and prosecution, be directed to investigate and prosecute this fraud and prosecution and Kriminal Harass do NOTHING but suppress the evidence and cover up this crime and ignore the prosecution?

It is due to her being DEEPLY entrenched and interwoven into the Judicial Corruption fabric of the “COURTELS” Grand Systemic and Endemic Corruption that has Systemic Racism as a subset, that controls the Police and District Attorney/Prosecutors and covers up for them! So Black Lives Matter, if you are going to fight the good fight, you need to know and educate yourselves on the Grand Systemic and Endemic Corruption Judicial/Legal Systemic Racism that Kriminala Harrass is SOOO much a part of!

There’s NO Police reform, no social justice reform, no change in systemic racism, no defund the police, no societal change/advancement unless and until there is complete Judicial Reform revoking immunity for Judges, Police and Prosecutors to END Grand systemic and endemic corruption! We don’t need to wait until after serving 30 years in prison only to be freed for a crime we didn’t commit because of DNA tests revealed the truth that the system victimized us!

  The REAL SYSTEM, it’s the “COURTEL”, the Court Cartel and the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrats!

Unless and until there is complete Judicial Reform revoking immunity for Judges, Police and Prosecutors to END Grand systemic and endemic corruption, YOUR LIVES DON’T MATTER! 

Biden, Harris, the Corruptocrats and Kleptocrat politicians from your districts and state WILL NOT move to change that fact, their job is to PROTECT it! If you don’t believe it, CHALLENGE them to make a meaning change verbally, in committee, by petition, and election!

They have invoked an extremely “chaotic and dangerous” contagion of human and civil rights abuses across thousands of cases and incidents that have irreparably harmed and damaged these litigants essentially “murdering” them, executing their families, their businesses and their communities, robbing them of their lives!

For over 50 years al-Hakim has been presenting information about the COURTEL, which did not make any of them happy—so there is a full-scale attack, on him for doing something that the COURTEL is opposed.

The COURTEL engaged in the one-sided, presenting of the government’s narrative, a complete and total mischaracterization of al-Hakim, his family, their businesses, their community and those they serve, the victims, criminalizing them simply because they could, unopposed as an effective defense tactic, which had nothing to do with our cases as victims and then forced to survive the COURTEL’s persecution/execution that we have been experiencing as part of the governments campaign of calumny deceit of 50 years!

The COURTEL enacted a criminal, tactical policy of isolation, victimization, criminalization and the attempted entrapment of al-Hakim, including the use of government initiated, Nixon era “White House Plumbers” and CoIntelpro style dirty tricks! This civil conspiracy has brought into play Federal, Sate, County and Local Agencies to further it’s continued investigation of al-Hakim whom has been surveilled for years and continues today with the compromising of many agents and informants covers due to their sloppiness. These actions are just one example of the continuing efforts of law enforcement to silence and eliminate al-Hakim, even by death, as their adversary when al-Hakim has caught and exposed them as they have been entrapped in their own crimes!

al-Hakim has expressed his fear for his and his family’s safety after an attempt at being to set up for murder by District Attorney Officer Bob Connor in 1989, and then again being verbally accosted; physically threatened; attempted to be baited, provoked and intimidated into a physical altercation; threatened with arrest, disallowed from going to Judge Leo Dorado’s courtroom; forcibly removed and escorted from the courthouse building; and ordered not to return by Officer Bob Connor again on November 22, 2010.

The al-Hakim Family, as the victim, had to go toe to toe with this oppressive government trying to coerce and put us away! As law-abiding citizens who did nothing wrong in our cases, we were forced to endure tragic circumstances and outcomes. And we fought, the al-Hakim family, against all odds, just to be happy that we can one day walk out of a courtroom with our heads held high!

The COURTEL Judges in al-Hakim’s cases heinous, egregious actions has taken the spirit of the law for which it was written and applies and totally misused the principles it was founded upon, has written, signed and submitted willfully perjurious, deceptive and fraudulent orders in attempting to deceive the public in support of his rulings; responded to his disqualification by his failure and refusal to timely filing an answer; some doing so days later only after al-Hakim had requested the written answer multiple times; filing an answers days later only after al-Hakim contested their continued sitting in the case and indicated his intent to file an appeal for same; stating al-Hakim “attacks judges” in their answer without any explanation; calling al-Hakim a liar in their answers without any substance; publicly criticizing al-Hakim in court on the record; repeatedly lied under oath; made knowingly false statements in an effort to demean, humiliate and provoke plaintiff while lying under oath and perjury; dishonesty; fraudulent deception; calumny deceit; willful and prejudicial misconduct; abuse of discretion; negligence; bias; prejudice; willful and intentional extrinsic fraud upon the court; prosecutorial misconduct; willful and malicious prosecution; misconduct; conflict of interest; obstruction of justice; denial of due process; willful and intentional fabrication and authoring false evidence; misstating and mischaracterizing evidence; misrepresentation and concealment of material facts with knowledge of the truth with the intent to induce the court’s act or reliance; harassment; intimidation; misrepresentation; incompetence; conflict of interest; bad faith; collusion; denial of due process; obstruction of justice; racism; bigotry; has exhibited, expressed and shown a fixed opinion of al-Hakim; displayed favoritism towards the opposing parties; made false accusations; harassed al-Hakim; has willfully, deceitfully and recklessly indulged in a series of offensive acts and statements against plaintiff and has displayed disdain, malice, and a mental attitude or disposition toward al-Hakim that prohibits the right to a fair hearing or trial; failed and refused to respond to the allegations contained in the challenges for cause; conduct prejudicial; and advocated a judicial imprimatur of the opposing parties position are grounds for disqualification and DEMAND FOR REMOVAL OF THE HONORABLE JUDGES FOR PEREMPTORY BIAS CHALLENGE and FOR CAUSE PURSUANT TO CALIFORNIA Code Civ. Proc., §§ 1085; on the ground of misconduct, prejudicial misconduct, bias, and prejudice in violations of Code Civ. Proc., §§ 170.0-170.5 et. seq.; specifically 170, subd. (a)(5); 170, subd. (e); 170.1, subdivision (a)(2); 170.1, subdivision (a)(6)(C); 170.3, subd. (c)(1); 170.3, subd. (c)(5); 170.3, subd. (d); CCP §170.1(6)(A)(iii)); 170.l(a)(6), §170.l(a)-6(B), §170.3(a)(1)-4(c), and §170.4(a)-(3); the Canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct 1, 2, 2A, 2B(2), 3B(2), 3B(4), 3B(5), 3B(8), 3C, 3D(1), 3E, 3E(1), 3E(2), 4, 4D(1) and 4(E)( a corresponding Federal Statute, 28 United States Code section 455(a) adopted by Congress in 1974); DUE TO CRIMINAL CONDUCT IN VIOLATION OF 18 U.S.C. §242; Corruption; Manipulation; Obstruction of Justice in Motions for Peremptory Challenge; Conduct To Pervert or Obstruct Justice, or the Due Administration of the Laws and Conspiracy to Pervert or Obstruct Justice (§182, subd. (a)(5)); Fraud Upon The Court; Business and Professions Code sections 6068, subdivisions (b) and (f), 6103 and 6106 and former rule 7-105(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct; Cal. Const., art. VI, §§ 8, 18; see Cal. Code Jud. Ethics, canon 3D(1).); and violates al-Hakim’s fundamental civil rights and due process under the law guaranteed by the United States Constitution Amendments First, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments, and as applicable to this state of California Constitution by the First Clause of Section 13 of Article I of California Constitution;  Article VI, § 4 1/2, as a “miscarriage of justice.”; Article VI, section 18, subd. (d)(3); California Code of Civil Procedure §§ 355, 356, 473, 475; 3523, 3528. The judge’s persistent willful misconduct, bad faith, mistreatment, promised retaliation and “atmosphere of unfairness” determines that there is a high probability they would continue their unethical behavior if they were to continue in a judicial capacity in the future.

Herein you will find those identified in the al-Hakim cases as being involved in this COURTEL culled from the case files.

United States District Court- Northern Division, Phyllis J. Hamilton, Claudia Wilken, Thelton E. Henderson, Jon Tigar, Yvonne Gonzalez Rodgers, Jacqueline Scott Corley, Donna M. Ryu, Susan Y. Soong, Ioana Petrou, Edward M. Chen, Richard Wieking, Joseph Spero, Pat Talley-Linnhart, Diana Pasadori, Tracie Williams, Ernestina Lee, Linda Ekstrom-Stanley and ALL former and current employees

The United States Attorney’s Office- Northern District of California, Hon. Brian Stretch, Stacey Geis, Alex Tse, Joshua Eaton, Charles O’Connor, Sara Winslow, Barbara Valliere, J. Douglas Wilson and ALL former and current employees

United States Federal Trustee, Northern District Of California: Tracy Hope Davis, Donna S. Tamanaha, Michael O. Sorgaard, Nathalie Brumfield-Brown, Martha G. Bronitsky, Chief Judge Roger L. Efrensky, Clerk Edward J. Emmons, and ALL former and current employees; Timothy S. Laffredi, Barbara A. Matthews, Margaret H. McGee,

United States Federal Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California: Judge Randall Newsome, Trustee Terrance Stinnette, Carol Roth, Linda Ekstrom-Stanley, Mark L. Pope, Ron Bearskin, Mr. Efremski, Richard Jenkins, and ALL former and current employees;

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) San Francisco: John F. Bennett, John.Bennett, Lawrence D. Buckley, Craig D. Fair, Bertram R. Fairries, Derek Fischel, Lisa R. Gentilcore, Marina A. Mayo, Stacey Moy, M.K. Palmore, and ALL former and current employees

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein

United States Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Anne Taylor, Elaine McKellar, Lauren Riggs, Saundra Andrews, Leslie Littleton and ALL former and current employees

The California Supreme Court: Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Cathal Conneely, Ronald M. George, Frank A. McGuire and ALL former and current employees

State of California Courts of Appeal: Barbara J. R. Jones, Judge Kennedy, James Richman, Henry Needham, Mark B. Simons, Gordon B. Burns, James Humes, Terence Bruiniers, Sandra Margulies, Anthony Kline, Kathleen Banke, Beth Robbins, Charles Johnson, Anne Reasoner, Susan Graham, Mary Quilez, Diana Herbert, Dick Sandvick, Rosa, Joy Washington and ALL former and current employees

California Attorney General: Xavier Becerra and ALL members of his office including but not limited to Peter Southworth, Robert Wilson, Marina L. Soto, Sean McCluskie, Robert Wilson, Laura Stuber, Kelli Evans, Amanda Renteria, Eleanor Blume, Jonathan “Jon” Blazer, Melanie Fontes Rainer, David Zonana, Alejandro Pérez, Sirat Attapit, Bethany Lesser, Chris Moyer, Liz Saldivar, former California Attorney Generals Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr., Kamala Harris and ALL members of their offices including but limited to Evan Westrep, Louis Verdugo Jr., Richard Frank,

California State Governor: Gavin Newsome, former Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr., Evan Westrep and ALL former and current employees

Oakland City Attorney John Russo’s Political Suicide- Planted Evidence

California State Senator Kamala Harris and ALL members of her office including but not limited to Nathan Barankin, Debbie Mesloh, Michael Troncoso, Tony West, Shaeda Ahmadi, Clint Odom, Lily Adams, Tyrone Gayle and Rohini Kosoglu, Brenda Gonzalez, Andy Vargas, Shawn Haq, Josh Hsu, Daniel Chen, Sergio Gonzales, Kate Waters, Zev Karlin-Neumann, Halie Soifer,

California State Franchise Tax Board: Vu Tran, Emelda Nanca, Margaritas Escoveda, Selvi Stanislaus, Connie Aceves, Eric Scheidegger, Sheree Haris, Jeffery Lin, Iselma Bueno, Virginia, Patricia, Sharon Jones, and ALL former and current employees

Judicial Council of California: Martin Hoshino, John Wordlaw, Blaine Corren, Nancy Carlisle, Maria Kwan, Yvette Trevino, Bernadette Torivio, Jody Patel, Nancy Carlisle, Mikayla Connell, Tina Carroll Felizia Nava‐Kardon, Evelyn Ramos, Stephen Chow, Rochelle Mosley, Galina Osachiy, Chantel Perrella, Rowena Tabar, Edward Tang, Hoa Tran,

Commission on Judicial Performance: Victoria B. Henley, Director-Chief Counsel, Marshall Grossman, Jay Linderman, Andrew Blum

California Judges Association: Jennifer Blevins, Stanley Bissey, Lexi Howard, Ronald G. Overholt and ALL former and current employees

Alameda County Superior Court Judges and clerks: Judges Frank Roesch, Wynne Carvill, Robert Freedman, Yolanda Northridge, Jon Rolefson, Kim Colwell, George Hernandez, Leo Dorado, Frank Roesch, Barbara J. Miller, Leo Dorado, C. Don Clay, Winifred Smith, Stephen Pulido, Sandra Bean and Commissioners John Porter, Sue Alexander, Boydine Hall, Taylor Culver, Glenn Oleon, Thomas Nixon, and Elizabeth Hendrickson, Jenifer Madden, Scott Patton, David Krashna, Morris Jacobson, Ioana Petrou, Jeffery Brand, Evelio Grillo, Paul Herbert, Kevin R. Murphy, Michael M. Markman, Jo-Lynne Q. Lee, David Lee, Michael Ballachey, Richard Hodge Judith Ford, Dawn Garrard, Jacqueline Tabor, Tara Desautels, Leo Dorado, Dennis Hayashi, Julia Spain, Kristi Hereth and ALL former and current Superior Court employees

California Courts of Appeal -First District, Alameda County Superior Court- Appeals Section: Y. Singh, Angela Yamsuan, F. C. La Torre, Liza Sabio,Ruby Atwall, Nancy Adams, D. Johnson-Cannon, Anita Lippman, and ALL former and current employees

Alameda County Superior Court Administration: Chad Finke, Executive Officer, Adam Byer, Giza Lewis, Pat Sweeten, Adrianne Forshay, Angela Ball, Dan Croyle, Robbie McIntosh, M. Scott Sanchez, Shiela McMullen, Vicky-Clerk, Marvin- Attendant, Pam Drummond-Williams, Letichia, Michelle Escerra, Tanisha V. Jones, Joyce, court reporter Adrienne Peretti, Phil Abar, Elaine Kabiling, Maggie Takeda, Renee Pickney, Clarence Traywick, Connie Parchman, Alina Mateo, Darmica Oliver, Leah Wilson, Kasha Clarke, Kim Steinbach, Reshma Mishra, Walt Stemmler, Pilipino “Pip” Tungohan, Ruby Sanchez and ALL former and current employees, agents and contractors;

Alameda County District Attorney: Nancy O’Malley, Kevin Dunleavy, Michael O’Connor, David Stein, former and current Alameda County District Attorneys John Meehan, Tom Orloff, Rock Harmon, Kamala Harris, Matthew Golde, Robert “Bob” Connor, Bruce Brock, David Stein, Ann Diem, Matthew Golde, Karen Campbell, Venus Johnson, Yolanda Smith, Boydine Hall, Thomas Rogers, Lawrence Blazer, Brad Kearns, Joseph Chan, Jay Patel, Bill Kleeman, Teresa and ALL former and current employees

Alameda County Department of Child Support Services: former and current Directors Matthew A. Brega, Sue Eadie, Ann Deim, Maureen K. Lenahan, Valgeria Harvey, Ricca Alcantara, Lloyd Lavagetto, Ms. Karol Pendergrass, Ms. Adler, Kris Ferre, Robert Lovelady, Mrs. Carlilse, Mrs. Remelton, Kicheko Reese, Roslynn Coleman, Terry Simmons-Booker and ALL former and current employees

County of Alameda Legal Counsel: Donna Ziegler, Richard E. Winnie, Gabriella Raymond, Erin H. Reding, Teresa L. Robinson, Brian E. Washington and ALL former and current employees

Superior Court of San Joaquin County: Judge Lesley Holland, Junqueiro, Richard Vlavianos, J. Gerlomes

Superior Court of Solano County: Judge John B. Ellis, Adrianne Forshay

City of Oakland Mayor: Libby Schaff, Tomiquia Moss, Shereda Nosakhare, Peggy Moore, Erica Terry Derryck, Audrey Cortes, Matt Nichols, David Silver, Jose Corona, Michael Hunt, Karely Ordaz Salto, former Mayors Ron Dellums, former Mayor Jean Quan, Trina Barton, Diane Boyd, Miguel Bustos, Kitty Kelly Epstein, VaShone Huff, Earl Johnson, Cheryal Kidd, Marisol Lopez, Vincent Mackey, Paul Rose, Daniel Boggan Jr., Karen Stevenson, Rich Cowan, Lewis Cohen, Karen Boyd, Anne Campbell Washington, Reygan Harmon, Susan Piper, former Mayor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jacque Barzaghi and ALL former and current employees

Oakland City Attorney: Barbara J. Parker, former City Attorney John Russo and Jayne Williams the City Attorney’s Office, Mark Morodomi, Randy Hall, Janie Wong, Anita Hong, Sophia Li, Demetruis Shelton, Elizabeth Allen, Erica Harrold, Michele Abbey, Deborah Walther, Anita Flores, and former employee Pat Smith



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